Crane management

Crane management was born out of a passion to optimise safety and integrity as efficiently as possible for all activities relating to horizontal and vertical transport.

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Your safety is our priority

Practical experience has taught us that safety in hoisting and transport plans is insufficient due to too great a focus on a theoretical approach. To guarantee safety, it is essential that practical aspects are taken into consideration and checked.

One of Dijkgraaf Support’s key activities is carrying out ‘site visit quality reviews’
in combination with ‘desktop quality reviews’. These reviews help to enhance personal and process safety by integrating practical aspects into hoisting and transport plans.

Work areas:

Dijkgraaf Support focuses on a broad and comprehensive work area, as all crane and transport activities demand the same level of attention. Our work areas include:

  • Hoisting and transport companies
  • Engineering firms
  • Petrochemicals companies
  • Civil engineering companies (road and waterway construction)
  • Steel construction companies


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