FIM Partnerships

Ensuring the integrity of flange connections is a varied topic, the main components of which are contained in the FIM model.

If desired, Dijkgraaf Support can work with partners to help shape all aspects of FIM in an integrated approach. The aim of the partnership is to combine individual expertise as part of a mutual strengthening. It is only by combining forces that we can achieve the aim of ‘zero leakage and emissions under control’ as optimally as possible.

Exclusive partner Progresso Group
As an exclusive partner, Dijkgraaf Support has been working closely with the Progresso Group for several years, having concluded an exclusive cooperation agreement to work together on:

  • Flange competency testing
  • Flange QA/QC processes
  • Flange instruction

Preferred partners
Some areas of the FIM model require a contribution of specific expertise from elsewhere, such as:

  • Drawing up flange procedures
  • Incident and bad actor analyses
  • Data management

To shape the sub-areas of the FIM model, Dijkgraaf Support prefers to work with preferred partners. This cooperation is not exclusive. If a client has specific wishes, Dijkgraaf Support can work with the client’s selected partners.

Dijkgraaf Support has cooperation agreements with the following preferred partners:

  • PDM Industrial Excellence for data management based on inspections, the FIM inspection tool and FIM Dashboard
  • Klinger (NL, BE, DE) for sealing technology



For further information about our partners, please visit the respective websites:

Progresso Group   PDM GROUP   KLINGER NL