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Dijkgraaf Support stands out from the crowd when it comes to training by offering a balanced combination of theory supported by examples and exercises based on practice. This helps to develop a sustained behavioural change.

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When it comes to flange training, we differentiate three different types of training. One-day and two-day training courses feature a flange testing skid for practical exercises. This is not the case with the brief flange instruction course.

The flange skid comprises various sets of flanges mounted with an integrated misalignment. The flanges are connected to one another with a patented flexible clamp to realistically simulate the rigidity of the piping system.


One-day flange awareness company training
This company training course has been designed specifically for companies. In addition to the core topics of EN 1591-4, the course is tailor made to integrate specific company aspects. All course participants will receive a participation certificate after following this training course. The certificate is not valid in Europe, but does serve as proof to the authorities that the company has instructed its employees on the basis of EN 1591-4.

Two-day flange training in accordance with EN 1591-4 with TQ Cert certificate
Course participants in this general training course come from a wide range of different companies. This training course looks at the core topics and awareness topics of EN 1591-4. The TQ Cert examination will take place on the second day of the training. The EN 1591-4 certificate is valid in all European countries that have approved the standard. Participants can also enrol on this training course via the Deltalinqs Training Services website.

Flange instruction for specific work execution
It is quite common for specific work instructions to be issued to the executing organisation before any major project, shutdown or maintenance activity. These instructions are a good opportunity to combine flange instruction with key points for attention for flange assembly and disassembly.

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